Our Mission

FISHING4S.O.L.E. Inc. of Keizer, Oregon, is passionate about seeking a deeper understanding of the lost tribes of Israel. For more than 45 years, it has always been our mission to inform people of the upcoming Messianic era.

Mission Statement

The mission of Fishing4S.O.L.E, Inc, is to act as a platform for the teaching and dissemination of information, insight, and knowledge specific to the lost tribes of Israel. We wish to facilitate an awakening to the events prophesied in the Bible describing the reuniting of both houses of Israel, and show that it is occurring today.

We will accomplish this through educational seminars and classes on subjects that build understanding and knowledge such as:
• The Language God Used to Speak the Universe as We Know It into Existence
• Archaeological Evidences throughout the World Supporting the Claims of the Bible
• Historical Texts

This will be done via the internet through archived and live streaming programs, and in various other media forms, including DVD™, Blu-ray™, and books, utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology. We will make this platform available to approved teachers whose objectives and teachings line up with our mission statement.

It is our hope to contribute to the ushering in of the Messianic era hoped for by all creeds and races in some fashion, by educating and inspiring people, and to facilitate understanding and unity among the peoples of the book.


We are accepting cash and stock donations to support the ministry. Equipment is also welcome. Your donation will support various projects, such as donating funds to companies able to publish books. Moreover, part of your donations will be sent to African ministries to help them provide clean water supply for villages. You may send your donations through checks and credit cards. Donations are tax deductible.