Who are the Lost Tribes of Yisrael? Are you part of Yisrael?

The mission of FISHING4S.O.L.E. Inc. is to become the primary source of information to help you find the answer to these questions. We will guide you in understanding the original language of the Biblical texts and in correlating them to the coming of the Messianic era.

Prepare for the Messianic Age

“Enter His Gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise: be thankful to Him and bless His name…” ~ Psalm 100:4

Many elements of worship that we read about in the Scriptures have been lost over the years and many people find themselves wanting to return to those Biblical practices.

Lost practices of the Torah are made easy to undestand as you read through this enlightening book. Read more…


Because of its wide scope and its meticulous scholarship, this is a much-needed reference tool.

It will be valuable for students, teachers, scholars, and general readers and writers of Hebrew and its literature; for those in Biblical, Judaic, and Near Eastern studies, as well as students of comparative literature, historical linguistic and semantics, and many other fields of studies.

For those who have a love for this constantly developing language, the dictionary will be a source of information and insight.” (Taken from the back cover.)

Read more…

Let us answer your questions about who Yisrael is.

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Learn about FISHING4S.O.L.E. Inc.

FISHING4S.O.L.E. Inc. (Fishing For Sons Of the Living Elohim) is an organization based in Keizer, Oregon, that aims to provide insight into the Biblical prophecies regarding Yisrael and also opportunities to experience Israel – the Land and the people. The coming of the Messianic age is nearing and it will happen when we least expect it. It is best to be prepared by having a deeper understanding of the original language of the historical and prophetic texts in the Bible.

We received the vision in the summer of 1969. Since then, we have had radio morning programs and TV shows, and have conducted conferences and tours every year to spread the message. We have been to Israel 28 times and are planning on traveling to Jerusalem with other ministries to research further. Doing so will help us gather more information and gain more understanding about what it means to live in the Promised Land.

We also support people and other ministries who have the same vision as ours: to gather Yisrael – the Sons of the Living Elohim. To show our support, we create an environment that allows them to connect with other resources that have potential to broaden the impact of their ministry. By doing this, we are not only helping them, but we are also helping our organization expand our reach.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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